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Acceldata’s New CPO, Ramon Chen: Why I’m All-In for Data Observability

July 18, 2023
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I’m thrilled to share that I’ve joined Acceldata, where I will be the company’s first-ever Chief Product Officer. As the company that created the enterprise data observability market, Acceldata will shape the future of this rapidly emerging and transformational category, and I’m excited to play a part in it. 

In my 30 year career, I’ve seen generational shifts in how data is managed and used. I’ve had the good fortune to participate in the various iterations in this evolution, which includes massive changes in data management, data quality, data catalogs, data governance, analytics, AI/ML and other tools that have improved on the feeds, speeds, and reliability of data. 

Along with these changes have been transformative ways in how data is used. Smart data teams are no longer just adding incremental tools to their data stack, but instead are aligning data with specific business objectives. Data teams and business units are developing data-focused strategies to drive top-line revenue, minimize costs, and to stay agile as new AI capabilities emerge. They’re doing this in the midst of continuously evolving compliance, regulatory, and privacy mandates, as well as shifting market trends and global economic changes. It’s a lot for any organization to deal with, but with the right insights and capabilities built around data observability, modern enterprises are leveraging their data to propel their business forward and inform their business strategies. 

Serving as the guiding compass for Chief Data Officers (CDO) and all data professionals, data observability helps them navigate through an expansive sea of data, enabling not only insights but also context and guidance for optimal usage of data. This has proven to be the case repeatedly by the prominent players in the financial services, banking, healthcare, retail, technology, and telecommunications sectors who have entrusted Acceldata to help them optimize the benefits of their data to outpace their competition. In fact, many organizations are fast recognizing that their endeavors in new initiatives such as generative AI cannot achieve true success without the invaluable presence of data observability guaranteeing a foundation of reliable data. 

The economic impact delivered by data observability offers an insightful barometer of why this category is so critical to modern enterprises. With spend intelligence capabilities that enable organizations to save money and improve operational efficiencies for leading tools like Snowflake, Databricks, and more, CFOs can derive immediate business return, all while setting the foundation for hyperscale business execution.

I am filled with excitement as I begin this adventure alongside a remarkable team. Acceldata’s four founders had a vision when they started the company in 2018 about how data observability could enable enterprise data teams to build and operate great data products. I’ve seen how the entire organization is dedicated to fulfilling this untapped demand in the market. Their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting new standards of excellence exceeds even my own meticulous expectations. In fact, my experiences with the team have completely redefined my personal standards in the area of platform agility: enabling both multi-cloud and on-premise deployments, architectural flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.

Joining Acceldata is more than just a career move. It feels like a homecoming, where I’ll get to collaborate with brilliant like-minded individuals, especially our visionaries, co-founders, and CEO, Rohit Choudhary, and CTO, Ashwin Rajeeva. This group includes Raghu Mitra Kandikonda, Gajanana Hegde, Mike McQuaid, Tamir Pokorny, Sameer Narkhede, Chris Cozzi, Loretta Jones, Vidya Raman, George Mathew, Ajay Dawar, and many more whom I look forward to working with.

I’d like to extend heartfelt thanks to Acceldata’s board members including Rajan Mehra (March Capital), Dev Khare (Lightspeed), Ken Elefant (Sorenson Ventures), Sanabil Investments, Industry Ventures, and Emergent Ventures, for this amazing opportunity.

As we set out on this path to address the long-standing gap in the market, I extend an invitation to those intrigued by our technology, those in search of a rewarding career, and those who aspire to partner with us. Join us, and together, we’ll continue to create a future where data transcends observation and is truly embedded into an organization’s goals and harnessed to its utmost potential.

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