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Employee Spotlight: Dipayan Bhowmick

September 27, 2022
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How did you get started in engineering? 

One thing that has always motivated me is the desire to solve real-life problems. I also love to build things from the basics. Since my younger days, I gravitated toward exploring and understanding the processes in which things were made workable. 

Dipayan at the Acceldata office

Which are some of the companies you worked for before Acceldata? 

I have about fourteen years of experience in developing enterprise software products. I began my career back in 2007 with IBM Global Business Services as an Associate System Engineer. Henceforth, I worked with firms like Roamware, GE Healthcare, Oracle, 247.ai, and Hortonworks.

What do you feel about Acceldata’s company culture?

I like the transparency and open approach to communication. This is a place where individuals are free to focus on problem-solving, and their efforts are supported with team collaboration. Every project we work on has clear goals, but we have a lot of freedom to achieve those goals in creative ways. 

What is your team like? How many people are in your team?

My team is comprised of people with a variety of skill sets across engineering and analytics. They each bring their own capabilities to the work they do, but what’s especially great about this team is that they respect the work that their colleagues do. Because of that, we have good, healthy debates about how to arrive at optimal solutions, and it keeps the work engaging and even fun. 

I believe that it is key to hire people with the right attitude and skill set. Besides this, team-work should be based on trust, and transparent collaboration. Currently, there are ten people who are reporting directly to me.

What are some of the things you’ve perceived about our leadership team? 

Our leadership team encourages out-of-the-box thinking so we can achieve big, important goals. They are innovators and builders. This is what steered me to join Acceldata. I share the same drive to create novel things. I have known the founders for more than ten years, and it is because of the positive relationship we share, that encouraged me to join Acceldata. 

What was your role when you started at Acceldata, and what is it now?

I joined Acceldata as a Principal Engineer, and worked on building the infrastructure services during my initial days. Moving forward, I started working more on managing and strengthening product development. My present role is to drive the platform with prime focus on data reliability, pipeline reliability, and infrastructure capabilities.

What parts of our mission do you bond with?

All of it! The founding mission of Acceldata is to create the most valuable data observability solution that helps enterprises make the most of their data. That’s a huge goal, but we get to work on that every day, and it’s engaging and exciting. 

What has been your most significant contribution to the team?

Building the engineering infrastructure, and making wise judgments early on. This made it viable to anchor multiple products on top of the same infrastructure.

What advice has guided you throughout your career?

The one thing I have realized over the years is to not beanpole to a single resource, or skill. I have been a generalist, and believe in anticipating possibilities. It is desirable to leverage resources that are suited to the particular situation you are in, or what you are working to realize. 

What would you do for a career if you weren’t doing this?

I would be a teacher. I would love to teach Math, and Physics. But, not Chemistry. I was not so much of a Chemistry enthusiast. 

What’s a fun fact about you, that many people may not know?

Oh! That's an amusing question. A fun-fact about me would be that I can exist on eating just Biryani for the rest of my lifWhere’s your favorite place in the world?

Out of all the places I have visited in my life, I loved Budapest. I would also like to visit the Caribbean Islands someday. 

What is your motto or personal mantra?

It keeps changing with time.

What is your favorite TV show or movie ?

I like to indulge in watching Christmas movies whenever I get some spare time. 

What is the one item you’ve learned in the previous month, whether connected to your industry or not?

Since the last four months, I've been involved in interior designing my home. I will say that it has been a very rewarding process, as it gave me an opportunity to learn, and study more deeply about color, design and space concepts. 

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