Gartner® Innovation Insight: Data Observability Enables Proactive Data Quality

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As per Gartner Research, “Traditional monitoring tools suggest that you know what you’re looking for. They are insufficient to address new issues that were not previously understood or detected. Data observability technology learns what to monitor and provides insights into unforeseen exceptions.”

Acceldata, the market leader in Data Observability, is providing complimentary access to the Gartner report to help you identify opportunities that could benefit from data observability technology.

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  • The five types of observations that Data Observability provides
  • The four critical features of Data Observability
  • The role of Data Observability and data quality
  • How Data Observability offers better financial control and predictability in capacity and budget planning, system downtime chargeback and cost optimization.

Get to know how Data Observability can improve your data quality and data reliability by accessing this informative report.

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