Take Control of Your Snowflake, AWS & Databricks Platforms

Maximize the ROI of your cloud data platforms from a single source, with Acceldata's holistic, cross-platform data reliability, cost management, and performance intelligence solutions.


Benefits for Snowflake, AWS & Databricks users

Maintain best practices

Monitor and analyze performance & configuration to get the most from your cloud data implementations.

Operationalize more
use cases

Scale out your data reliability across both platforms to roll out more data products and have data consistency.

Gain control over DataOps

Get a handle on your data operations and ensure resources are allocated and used effectively.

Ensure & improve resource efficiency

Utilization Insight & Guardrails:
Use cost intelligence dashboards, anomaly detection, and usage guardrails to properly align resources.
Eliminate Waste:
Detect over provisioning, unused resources, and performance inefficiencies to rightsize your resources and operations.
Spend Forecasting & FinOps:
Use current and projected spend analysis, department-level tracking, budgeting, and chargeback to manage your costs.

Get a Personalized Demo

We’re excited to give you a personalized demo that will show you how to:
Reduce costs in your cloud data-warehouse by 30% or more
Improve data rules processing performance by more than 10X with automated data quality monitoring, data reconciliation and detection of schema drift, data drift and more
Reduce data costs and MTTR by 96% by monitoring data pipelines end-to-end, identifying and eliminating performance bottlenecks in data streaming, batch processing, queries, and other workloads