Finally, gain insight and control over your Snowflake environment

Maximize the return on your Snowflake investment with insight into performance, quality, cost, and much more. 

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Data observability drives actionable 
business growth

Acceldata combines monitoring, analytics and automation across multiple dimensions of data operations


Improve resource efficiency & align cost to value

  • Utilization Insight: cost intelligence dashboards and anomaly detection (spikes, long-running queries, etc.) 
  • Eliminate Waste: detect overprovisioning, unused resources,
    and other inefficiencies
  • Spend Forecasting: contract plan, current and 
    projected spend analysis 
  • FinOps (coming soon): department-level tracking, budgeting, and chargeback

Eliminate bottlenecks and 
prevent incidents 

  • Performance Monitoring: trending analysis, alerting,
    and auto-remediation
  • Performance Analytics: identify bottlenecks, high spillage, compilation time, heavy scans, data volume, and more 
  • Data Engineering Optimization: tune resource allocation, 
    file size, data layout, clustering keys, and 
    micro-partitions (coming soon) 

Improve data trust

  • Data Pipeline Observability: track end-to-end pipeline performance and quality, both inside and outside of Snowflake
  • Data Discovery & Profiling: built-in searchable data catalog 
  • Data Quality Monitoring: flexible custom and automated 
    DQ monitoring
  • Data Reliability: data reconciliation, schema drift, data drift, and anomaly detection
  • Account Health Monitoring: Snowflake best practices,
    security & access, configuration, utilization guardrails and more

Spend Intelligence

Performance Tuning

Data Quality, Reliability & Administration 

Get a 360-degree view of data, processing and pipeline orchestration 

Gain insights into utilization, anomalies and trends that affect data quality, performance, and cost 

Receive notifications and recommendations and/or implement auto-actions that accelerate time to results


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