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This recorded webinar explores the options and capabilities that are available to communication service providers (CSPs) as they seek to optimize their data platform strategies. 

CSPs have been striving to improve the quality, availability and usability of their data for many years. But the evolution of IT environments and partnerships are combining to make that task even more challenging. 

Data has always been spread across multiple applications and systems but now it is also spread across multiple cloud environments. This makes the task of identifying where issues, or problems, may lie with the data incredibly difficult. 

Watch the webinar replay to learn: 

  • How to track and manage costs in a multi-cloud environment
  • How and where data platforms need to scale to leverage the potential of data and AI/ML use cases 
  • The hidden costs of data quality and reliability 
  • The concept of data observability – what it means and what it delivers. 
  • Organizational structure and governance to deliver an optimal data platform and strategy


  • Girish Bhat - SVP of Marketing, Acceldata
  • Mark Newman - Chief Analyst, TMForum
  • Vikas Ranjan - Sr. Manager, Data & Analytics Engineering, T-Mobile

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TMForum and T-Mobile: Building a data platform to support CSPs' analytics ambitions


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Girish Bhat,
SVP of Marketing,

Mark Newman,
Chief Analyst,

VIkas Ranjan,
Sr. Manager, Data & Analytics Engineering,

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